Plush Unicorn Eyes Brilants

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Bright Eyes Plush Unicorn: faithful friend of small and large people

You are running out of ideas to calm the cries of your baby? Choose this stuffed unicorn shining eyes to mitigate it. Your baby will be captivated by her big eyes and her smile. His little face welcomed brings joy and brings full of happiness . These are the things that you expect when you have this blanket in front of you. Otherwise, it is very silky to the touch .

You can use it as a pillow. To the delight of your bout'chou , offer this present genuine.

  • Plush quality and durable To the delight of babies, children and large
  • .
  • Ideal companion to play and cuddle, to offer without moderation.
  • incredible softness : extremely soft and pleasant to touch
  • AGE: From 2 years
  • flawless finish
  • Main: cotton
  • Size: 15 cm
  • Easy maintenance