Plush Pink Unicorn Ty

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A cute teddy waiting only to adopt

Unicorn Universe designs recognizable stuffed toys among others. All unicorn teddy possess rounded shiny eyes . It would be impossible to resist ! At first glance, his fur is pink, but is decorated with some blue spots. The inside of his ears, hooves and horns are golden in color.

While sitting, this blanket is easy to carry . It may accompany your kid wherever he goes, especially in your absence . In short, this toy is an object to collect without moderation to complete your pile of stuffed animals at home.

  • Plush quality and durable To the delight of babies, children and large
  • .
  • Ideal companion to play and cuddle, to offer without moderation.
  • incredible softness : extremely soft and pleasant to touch
  • AGE: From 2 years
  • flawless finish
  • Main: cotton
  • Size: 15 cm
  • Easy maintenance