Bright Pink Unicorn Plush

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You do not know what gift to give your child this year


Choose this beautiful unicorn plush light . This teddy bear is one of the favorite creatures little princesses today. Moreover, this toy emits a soft reassuring light . Thus, it can serve as burner for the room of your child. Your daughter will sleep peacefully next to his favorite character. Just power it with batteries.

Designed with colored hair, this plush unicorn is a high quality product ultra-soft . Do not worry, it perfectly meets the safety standard for toys.

  • Plush quality and durable To the delight of babies, children and large
  • .
  • Ideal companion to play and cuddle, to offer without moderation.
  • incredible softness : extremely soft and pleasant to touch
  • AGE: From 2 years
  • flawless finish
  • Main: cotton
  • Size: 40 cm
  • Easy maintenance