Plush Unicorn Big Eyes

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The Unicorn Plush Big Eyes: a smiling animal that wants to become the best friend of your child

Notice to collectors and enthusiasts stuffed animals , here's a unicorn plush big eyes made for you. Magical and magnificent are the first words that describe this plush . His eyes are blue like the sky and bring warmth to brighten your day . You can not help but smile at the sight.

His gaze pierces the bottom of your soul and takes you in a magical world , forgetting your daily worry. Share this happiness by offering it to Your Child .

  • Plush quality and durable To the delight of babies, children and large
  • .
  • Ideal companion to play and cuddle, to offer without moderation.
  • incredible softness : extremely soft and pleasant to touch
  • AGE: From 2 years
  • flawless finish
  • Main: cotton
  • Size: 15 cm
  • Easy maintenance