Unicorn Makeup Kit

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If you're like us and often misplace your brushes, powders or creams, then this Makeup Kit Unicorn will literally save your life!

There is nothing more annoying than having to look after your favorite lipstick for hours while you still had a million things to do to prepare yourself.

No wonder these gentlemen say we spend our lives makeup! What they ignore is that half of that time is spent looking after our products even in places completely unexpected.

This is to save you from situations like this tote bag was invented super convenient.

All of your products more easily in one place with this round package.

  • Essential Accessory to take a trip, vacation or travel; slide the bag into your suitcase and disperses more valuable your products anywhere
  • Perfect for storing all make-up products and accessories
  • Round Compact Format ultra convenient to carry
  • Large capacity modular
  • Material: canvas - 100% cotton
  • Type of Closure: zip closure
  • Size: 66 x 55 x 10 cm
  • Weight: 110g
  • Easy care: Wash at 30 ° C, quick drying