The legend of the unicorn

The legend of the unicorn

the king, the princess and the unicorn.

Once upon a time there was a king sitting on his golden throne in a distant kingdom, in the land of endless spring, and ruling in perfect harmony over his kingdom. One can only feel exuberance at the sight of the magnificent castle in which the king and his daughter lived, the majestic atmosphere of the woods all around the castle, and last but not least the overwhelming beauty of the princess.

Pourquoi les licornes fascinent-elles autant les femmes ?

It was pure Heaven on Earth; there was nothing that could even reach the perfection of this place. The beauty of the forest made it amazing, yet another thing made it imposing. In these woods lived creatures of unknown time and one of them was the most precious of all... and was hunted for centuries for its magic horn - the beast known as a unicorn.

the time of the unicorn hunt.
One day, a rumor spread. Someone saw a white creature with the appearance of a horse, but with a beautiful horn... and suddenly all the men grabbed their knives and spears, their blood lust and ferocity. The hunt had begun.

While the king's men set fire to the torches and sharpened their tools, the young princess was in her room, brushing her beautiful silky blond hair. She was the purest girl in the whole kingdom with a heart as tender as a rose and a soul as clean as the water from the fountain of youth in the woods. She had an adventurous spirit and that day she decided to take a walk in the surrounding forests. Driven by the desire to pick fresh flowers, she left the castle and headed for the woods.

With all the beauty of the trees and flowers and the crystalline purity of the mineral springs, she lost track of time and wandered for hours and hours and suddenly found herself deep in the woods.

She began to realize that the woods were getting darker and darker and the trees were losing their beauty, the grass was dead and there were no animals around. She began to get scared and remembered a story she heard a long time ago from her nanny, a story about the dark forest deep in the beautiful surrounding woods. Everyone thought it was just a legend, that it was not a real place, but at that moment she thought about it. "She couldn't even finish her thought when the branches of the trees began to grab her legs and arms and carry her deeper and deeper into the forest....

The creature was walking lightly on the grass, moving slowly between the trees, heading towards the small clearing where she was lying unconscious. As he approached, he saw the purity of the girl in front of him and slowly began to trust this innocent servant girl.

When the unicorn reached her, she bent her neck down and looked at her beautiful face and slowly lay down beside her. After a while, she woke up and at first was a little scared, but after looking into her harmless black eyes, she felt safe. Then the white beast got up and let her get on his back and they both headed towards the castle. The princess was charmed by the innocence and nobility of this creature, by its graceful movements between the trees and by its gentle footsteps on the grass - pure harmony.

The unicorn was finally recognized for its true value.

When they arrived at the castle and suddenly penetrated the stone walls, many armed people surrounded them and the unicorn began to neigh and move suddenly. The princess got down on the ground and began to shout and tell the men that this creature had saved her life and brought her back to the castle. When the king arrived, she explained everything that had happened and he, crying, told her that everyone was worried about her. He hugged his precious daughter and looked at the terrified beast. Only then did he realize that the unicorn is the purest and most innocent creature of all.

During the festival that night, it was declared that the unicorn is a sacred animal and that it is forbidden to hunt it. After saving the young princess, the beast left the castle and never returned. No one ever saw it again, but now all men knew the truth about the unicorn.
It is said that the king's daughter met the unicorn again, but that is another story......